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    Donald Turso was born on April 5, 1948 in
Port Chester, New York. He died on May 19,
1969 in South Vietnam while serving his country
in the United States Marine Corps. He graduated
from Harrison High School in Westchester
County, New York, in 1966. He also attended
Hyram Scott University in Nebraska and South
Hampton College on Long Island, New York. He
enlisted in the Marine Corps. on September 27,
1967. His tour in Vietnam started on November
22, 1968 and ended with his death. Donnie's
military occupation specialty (MOS) was
telephone technician. Donnie was a very
intelligent guy, and I'm sure that the Marine Corps. recognized this,
therefore sending him to tech school in San Diego. Donnie was on the
Harrison High School football team, and it was here in high school that
he received his nickname, "Maynard." He had a strong resemblance
(or so we all thought) to the actor Bob Denver. Denver played Maynard G.
Krebbs on the TV show Dobie Gillis. Even Donnie's high school yearbook
photo has the nickname Maynard below the photo.
    I was not Donnie's closest friend, by far.
We were high school classmates. I've always
remembered Donnie in the 37 years since his
death. I think of a life cut short and all
the things that might have been. My memory
of Donnie shall remain with me forever.
I recently discovered his gravesite and that was a pretty emotional yet
rewarding experience. His Marine Corps. friend, James Napier, and I
have put together this website to honor him. James was with Donnie in
Vietnam and he also has remembered him through these many years.
Our hope is that others, not only strangers but maybe family members
and old friends, will see our memorial to Donnie so they can also think
of him and keep his memory alive.

Anthony Amendola
It was late October of 2005 when James Napier first contacted Anthony Amendola. Both had posted
remembrances of Donald Turso on several Vietnam memorial websites. Anthony was a classmate of
Donnie's in Harrison, NY in the 60's. They graduated together from high school in 1966.
Jim served with Donnie in Vietnam. Jim's first email to Anthony began, "I knew your buddy in Vietnam."
Jim had an idea to create a tribute to Donnie on a USMC website. It turned out well, but greater access
for families and friends was needed, and the idea for this website was born.     see ...
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Title:  MY BROTHER-IN-LAW Posted: 2007-02-02

Donny was my brother-in-law, a wonderful kid full of fun and laughter. We lived in the same house for 15 years. He lived downstairs and I lived upstairs. When he would get any kind of models to put together, like planes, cars, & boats etc.....
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Title:  Keepsakes: A Token of My Appreciation Posted: 2007-04-06

There is a Remembrance on this site entitled, "Uncle Donnie Died Before I Was Born," contributed by Donnie's nephew Andy Turso. In his message, Andy wrote about having a rubbing of Donnie's name from The Wall in Washington, DC. Andy keeps....
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Title:  HAPPY BIRTHDAY ON APRIL 5TH... Posted: 2007-04-01

Uncle Donnie.. Another year has come and gone. They go by so fast. I wanted you to know you are still loved and missed every day. Your 1st great nephew Danny wears a replica of your dogtags that Anthony was so kind to have made. I know you ....
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